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The purpose of this blog is to document my journey, learn from those around me in this space, and hopefully share some of my lessons as well. The year is half way through, but what I’m hoping to get started with is living a more simple debt-free life.

In a world where we’re constantly seeking more, not happy with where we are, filling void after void – sound familiar? If I could count the number of times I’ve said “I’ll be happy when” this year, I’d be able to pay off my school loans.

We don’t need more stuff to be happy. We need more presence, focus on what we want/ what we need in order to grow and be better, and more introspection.

I’m $40,000 in debt (student loans + a car loan). Although I make my payments religiously, I find myself regularly finding other things that I NEED. $40 face masks, that dress that was “on sale” that I never wear… I see my own patterns of behavior and I’m working to better them.

This journey is all about eliminating the unnecessary in my life – and that doesn’t necessarily just mean stuff. It means eliminating the relationships in my life that aren’t serving me, the not-so-healthy choices/ habits, the negative thought patterns, the ‘morning coffee at starbucks’ routine. I’m ready to get out of debt and limit the choices that I need to make daily in order to live a beautiful life where I’m able to fully focus on my goals and interests. Who’s with me?

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