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Are You Positive?

I’m all about positivity. I love manifestation techniques, silver linings, and faking it until you make it. I feel like having a positive outlook is ultimately the best thing for myself and my optimism and rose-colored glasses end up attracting a lot of good things my way.

BUT my biggest struggle with writing or sharing is that so much of the good… has come from the not so good. We all have struggles, secrets, stories – the parts of us we’d rather keep to ourselves while projecting whatever makes us look best on social media outlets. I can kind of understand why we do this, because, why focus on the bad, right? Hm – I think society could benefit from our ‘bad’.

We all go through similar things, but I’ve always felt like the more “connected” we become, the more we lose common touch. Depression, anxiety, “taboo” thoughts/ feelings, + so much more can be so shameful for us as human beings. But what I don’t think that we realize is that each of us has been there in some way or another. Why not be a pillar of support for those around you. Why not help others who have been somewhere that you were once yourself? Did you know that each human being goes through an average of 7 seasons of depression throughout their lifetime?

My answer to this question? Yes, when I can be. And when I can’t be, I feel my feelings, take time to process them, honor them, and move forward when I’m ready and able. Life isn’t all about being positive – sometimes it’s about being real and learning from each situation, person, and event in our lives. Ultimately, everything that makes its way into our world is here to serve us, even if it’s a lesson we don’t necessarily want at the time.

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